An Update

It’s halfway through November, and I gave up on NaNoWriMo weeks ago. It was just too much under the weight of continuing unpacking, class, maintaining my relationship and mental health, and running my school’s LGBT+ organization. Things have been hectic to say the least. However, things have been going incredibly well.

Last weekend, my partner and I took a mini-vacation to upstate New York. It was nice to get away for a while, even though smaller cities like Syracuse are very triggering for me. He’s away for the weekend this weekend too, and I miss him very much.

I discovered this week that I have completed all the coursework for my major. I’ll be graduating in May.

This week, my LGBT group held two extremely successful events. On Tuesday, my group led a peaceful protest next to a blood drive occurring just off-campus. We gathered more signatures than the New York Blood Center gathered donors, which was incredible. We really raised awareness, which is about all we can do on this particular issue. On Thursday, we held a Safe Sex Pajama Party, where we gathered several members together to discuss a wide-range of topics regarding sexual health. I think I scared a few of them discussing proper vaccinations, but all in all everyone had a great time and learned a lot.

I feel like I’m getting stronger, my personality more defined, my moods more stable. It’s because of all those who care about me that this is the case, and I am forever grateful.

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