Pride Day 11: Imagine

What Would True Equality Be Like?

This post will be a little more pensive than many of my Pride posts. The queer community speaks about the future, a time when we’ve achieved equality, ad nauseam. We imagine a world where none of us is murdered, all of us are housed and fed and clothed, where we all have jobs and money, transphobia, homophobia, biphobia are things of the past. But what does this imagined future really look like? The views expressed in this post are mine alone and do not represent the thoughts, feelings, and views of any other individuals or organizations.

I am vehemently anti-assimilationist in any of its forms. I do not support heteronormativity, I do not support homonormativity, I do not support gender binarism, and I seek to disrupt their hold on society in my own life as often as I can. I don’t want to be married, to adopt a child from Africa, to pass as male, to live in the suburbs with a white picket fence, a dog named Spot, and 2.5 kids.

For me, a future of true equality is one devoid of a so-called moral majority. It is a place where the voice of reason spoke softly but rang truer in the hearts of humanity than the screams of the radical religious minorities. Where scientific inquiry seeks after Truth rather than the confirmation or disproval of bias, stereotypes, and religious myth. Where those privileged with access to gene sequencing technology searches for cures for diseases rather than the elusive gay gene.

A true equal future has dismantled segregation of all varities. There is no functional difference in the equal future between people of any gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or class. There are no ghettos. There is no homelessness. Everyone has a roof over their head, everyone with a disease of the mind or body has access to treatment, everyone who has needs can have those needs met.

I dream of a future where healthcare is paid for and education doesn’t come with a second course of crippling debt. I dream of a future where family planning can be done without threats of violence, and poor decisions are met with understanding instead of judgement.

I dream of a world where queer spaces are protected, not against violence from the outside world, but because the old Vulcan mantra rings true: the ultimate goal of this life is infinite diversity in infinite combinations.


2 thoughts on “Pride Day 11: Imagine

  1. I am a soldier for no cause or belief. I am a warrior and I choose my battles very carefully, most of which are within myself. I follow no path but I blaze a trail into unknown territory with no map, compass or GPS. I am a unique, undefeatable expression of the one eternal presence which some may call God. I am Love incarnate. The divine in me beholds the divine in you.

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