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My name is Christopher, but you can call me Topher. I’m a polysexual trans man. I’m a Norse Pagan, an LGBTQQIAAHP activist, a writer of fiction and nonfiction, Trekkie, student of the universe, degenerate smoker, and really bad at talking about myself.


Born and raised in a tiny rural farm town in southern Illinois. My parents split up when I was two, and I was raised in a very authoritarian, strictly Roman Catholic household. Being gay or trans or non-Christian was not an option. Left home at seventeen for the big city.


Naturalized New Yorker. I’m currently finishing up my undergrad studies in Creative Writing and doing LGBT activism. I’m president of my college’s LGBT organization, and I work with a brand new non-profit serving the New York City queer community. In a relationship with a really beautiful man who’s been incredibly supportive as I’ve come into myself as a trans person and let go of the internalized homo- and transphobia I grew up with. My current level of transition is purely social. Currently looking for a gender identity therapist.


The plan is to go to graduate school and get a Masters in Queer Theory and eventually my Doctorate of Social Work. The goal is to provide therapy, crisis counseling, and gender identity counseling for a low cost to members of the LGBT community, both young and old. You’d be surprised how few LGBT friendly therapists there are in NYC. In terms of transition, I’m hoping to be fully transitioned (medically, socially, legally) within ten years.


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